Raghav Kadambi’s Tribute to James Blackburn: The Blackburn Way

During practice one day I remember pestering Blackburn on what was the highest number of “two lappers” (300m) he had seen anybody do during a workout. I was keen to show him more than anything that I could break that record. “I am going to go for 10 two lappers!” I announced to him, ”Okay.” he replied pulling his timer out without any hesitation. He started me off around the track timing every “two lapper” with his stopwatch. Everyone was starting to leave but he stayed by my side pushing me to run the next one. I remember him shouting gruffly, “You gotta want it!!!” and urging me along until I hit the tenth two-lapper. Continue reading Raghav Kadambi’s Tribute to James Blackburn: The Blackburn Way


The past year had felt like eternity. Not in the way that three days in the Drake feels like eternity, but in the way that so much has happened, it seems impossible to all have occured in twelve short months. For ages, philosophers and astrophysicists have written about the compression and elongation of time – years experienced as moments, and seconds that feel like lifetimes. I try to think back to my world just one year ago, and I wonder if I had been caught in a wormhole. A year ago I had just arrived at Northeastern University, and was sitting in a freshman lecture hall in Boston. The biggest questions on my mind were, Should I join a sorority? Should I major in biology or in chemistry? Does my roommate think I’m weird? Continue reading South