Opinions from the Uneducated Music Lover

Do you love music? Of course you do. Do you have opinions about music? Of course you do. Do you want to discover more music? Welcome to “Opinions from the Uneducated Music Lover.”

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I ever want to take music recommendations from somebody who describes themselves as uneducated?” Because music, like all art, is subjective. I have found that often times my enjoyment of music does not correlate to what makes it “good” by critical standards. I watch a lot of music reviews that I don’t agree with. This has given me a vast vocabulary and understanding of how to have a conversation around music and decode what makes it good, but it has also made me fed up because the current landscape of music review is an unapproachable one. Watching a funny looking bald man tear apart your favorite album on account of finding the melodies “too colorful” can lead you to stop listening. In my personal experience with these reviewers, I have found that they lose sight of the vibe of music on the search for technicality and innovation.

So what am I, a 17 year-old, self-titled music-lover, who can only kind of play the guitar, has no idea what a music theory is, and keeps an extensively curated Spotify account, going to bring to the current conversation of music? Opinions. I will bring you songs I know, some information that I know about them, and my opinions to go along with them. I’ll break down what I like and what I don’t in the music and lyrics of the songs. The songs will span vastly across genre, time period and critical acclaim. While providing you with opinions, my goal is to help you discover music that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Have song suggestions, album suggestions or some opinions to share? Email thetigerinsider@gmail.com

By Samantha Steenstrup

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