Reports of Anti-Semitism at North Soccer Game

Disclaimer: This article contains sensitive language. Additionally, though the number of the player mentioned in this article is known it has been removed from the quotes in the interest of sensitivity until further action has been taken.

North players faced anti-Semitic slurs during a soccer game at Walpole on Wednesday, September 5, according to senior Coleman Benedict.

Benedict, along with senior Jude Braithwaite, described the actions of several players during last week’s match.

“I just heard a lot of Jew targeted insults and hate being said by Walpole players,” said Benedict. “I told the guys saying it to stop and got called the same names.”

“Someone on our team got fouled and [one of the players] got angry with the call,” said Braithwaite. “At which point I was also quite frustrated and [coach] told me to calm down and used my name so [the player] picked up on that and assumed I was Jewish as my name means Jew in German and said my name was Jewish and that I was a ‘fucking Jew’ or something along those lines.”

“When I came back on I heard ‘Jew,’ ‘fucking Jew,’ and ‘big nose,’” said Benedict. “Then I told them to stop and got called pretty similar stuff. ‘Kike’ too, but that was later.”

Two or three different Walpole players made these comments, according to Benedict.

Benedict and Braithwaite, along with senior Jonathan Cohen, met with athletic director Tom Giusti about the incident so that Giusti would have the necessary information to call Walpole’s athletic director, according to Cohen. More information about the call will be available on Tuesday, according to boys varsity soccer coach Roy Dow.

By Tali Falk-Judson