Welcome to Talivision

Welcome to Talivision! The best, and only, TV blog currently on this website. I watch what might be classified as an unhealthy amount of television. Basically, I’m like any other teenager. The upshot, if you want to look at it that way, and I do, of not being very athletic, by which I mean supremely lazy, is that I have plenty of time to fill my brain with useless content. Well, now I’m putting it to some use.

Consuming vast amounts of visual media, while endlessly “rewarding,” is usually a very lonely undertaking. Sure, you might watch the odd episode of Parks and Rec with your friends but to conduct a true deep dive requires solitude. But it shouldn’t always be that way. One of the benefits of running an online magazine/newspaper is that I have the liberty to publish the content I want. So every week I will be taking you, dear, faithful reader, through a tour of the TV I have been consuming or wanting to consume.

To be clear, it’s not going to be very current. I’m not sure what Emmy-bait (is that a thing?) show AMC is currently airing in the hopes of replacing Breaking Bad nor do I plan on reviewing any episodes of Young Sheldon (somebody slap me if I do), so if you want some hot Ballers takes I’m afraid I will most likely not be supplying. However, if Game of Thrones season 7 comes out before the end of the school year expect some wildly under informed reactions.

So if I’m not going to review current shows, what am I going to do? Excellent question. I plan on taking you through my thoughts on whatever show I’m currently watching, which can range from Gilmore Girls (I could not watch the Netflix reboot. It was horrible) to The Leftovers (don’t watch that show if you’re adverse to feeling depressed for the next 48 hours). Additionally, I will give you some decidedly mediocre recommendations and answer questions from the audience and adoring public, or, you know, my mom writing in with a fake email.

I’m looking forward to this journey. I have plenty of television to watch, and then rewatch, and then rewatch again (look forward to my Scrubs post as I near the finale of my fourth go around).

If you have something to say on this or really any subject send an email to thetigerinsider@gmail.com and make sure to include Talivision in the subject line to give me a valid reason for spending up to five hours everyday “wasting my youth.”

By Tali Falk-Judson

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