Reflecting on North-Calley Dias ’16

Calley Dias graduated from Newton North High School in 2016 where she participated in varsity cheerleading for 4 years and sang in Jubilee. She is in her junior year at Boston College where she is double majoring in Italian and Communications. Since I interviewed Dias for this article, she has quit varsity cheerleading to become a Freshman Residential Assistant, works as a teacher assistant for a sustainability class, and is the language programs chairperson for the Italian Club.

How would you describe your experience at North? 

My experience at North prepared so well for college because the classes were challenging and I was able to learn how to have great time management. At the time, I was really stressed about getting the grades to get into college, but now I realize that it was better that I took hard classes since now my grades at Boston College are better than they were at North.

At North, I learned that it was okay to not be the best at everything. I had my struggles with balancing life as a student athlete as well as maintaining a social life, and at times I felt like I was taking on too much. I learned that I was always capable of achieving what I wanted, it was just my own doubts along the way holding me back. I would have been much happier if I did not make as many comparisons and instead focused on my own personal growth.

What were your fears about post high school life?

My greatest fear about post high school life was losing friends. However, I am still very close to my high school friends and it is nice to be able to see each other form into young adults. I was most looking forward to making new friends in college and having more freedom in choosing my courses in school.

What’s the most valuable lesson you learned from North?

The most valuable lesson I learned from North was that being in high pressure environments makes me become a better person, and I just need to believe in myself more. I would not say that North is sheltered from the real world because I think you can learn about the “real world” in any type of environment.

What’s advice you have for people on applying to college

Try to visit as many as possible and keep an open mind. Do not compare yourself to others. I got waitlisted from 5 schools, but I got into one of my top choices so you never know what people are going through

Is college what you expected?

The classes are a lot more manageable than expected. The social life can be hard to navigate at first. I was more stressed by my sport (cheerleading) than school while it was the other way around in high school. Being a D1 athlete is hard.

*This is a part of a series of interviews with Newton North Alumni. Interview questions revolve around reflections of their experience at North and their current plans. If you would like to request a person to be interviewed as a part of this series, shoot us an email at

By Hannah Liu

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