Rock with a Bass Drop (Let’s Talk About Grandson)


Next time that you need some good hype music, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t check out Grandson. Otherwise known as Jordan Edward Benjamin, Grandson is one of the names to watch in the alt rock scene right now. Grandson’s unique style has brought him mounds of success recently, most notably, his single “Blood//Water,” which was featured on Billboard Top 40 Charts. With almost 2 million monthly listeners on spotify, Grandson won’t be disappearing any time soon.

The name Grandson is an homage to Benjamin’s grandfather who brought music into his life. He grew up loving music but never writing anything for himself until his move to Los Angeles. He has said in an interview that the political side to his music was inspired by older rock bands (like Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana) and was ignited when Donald Trump was elected president.

Grandson combines the raw power of rock with the pure hype of EDM and the passion wrapped in his politically charged lyrics to produce music that punches the listener in the face with power. A lot of his music can be put into the same formula: a purely rock, guitar heavy intro followed by a distorted voice rambling on about some big political and societal problem until the guitar and drums start speeding up, and then the bass drop. The regular bass drop in EDM is a satisfying blend of electronic sounds that takes over the listeners body and makes them feel a need to flail in every direction imaginable. The same could be said about a great rock song, and this is why Grandson’s algorithm works. His music is infectious in its ability to make the listener want to scream, but in a good way. This is best exemplified in his song, “Best Friends. This is definitely my favorite Grandson song; I would argue that it is impossible to listen to it without dancing. In “Best Friends,” he perfectly blends rock with EDM in a way that both of their elements are completely present and perceptible. I suggest a listen.

Other songs that I would check out include “War” for a further look into his politicized lyrics (take note of the not so subtle album art) and “Blood//Water” for another prime example of his unique sound.


Next time you need some energy or just want to take a break to be angry at the world, check out Grandson.

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