Highlight of the Week 10/27

This morning at 3:30 am eastern time, Max Muncy hit a solo homerun, winning the game for the Dodgers 3-2. The game lasted 7 hours and 20 minutes, and was the longest World Series game, totalling 18 innings. For a large majority of the game, the offense was lackluster, with runs coming few and very far between.

While dull at times, the game kept me up until the very end as it had the classic sports feeling of needing to know what would happen next. I knew that I should probably have been sleeping but could not bear the thought of missing something.

The game seemed like it was over when Walker Buehler left the game after 7 innings, after allowing just 2 hits to make way for Kenley Jansen, the Dodgers lights out closer. Jansen then gave up a homerun in the 8th inning to Jackie Bradley Junior to tie the game.

The rest of the game remained quiet, apart from the 10th inning, where Cody Bellinger threw out Ian Kinsler to keep the score 1-1. Then in the 13th inning, the teams traded bizzare runs with both teams scoring without the ball leaving the infield. The Red Sox then squandered base runners and opportunities until Muncy hit his homerun.

Throughout the game, Alex Cora made some questionable decisions, such as putting in Benintendi for only one at bat, taking JD Martinez out of the game for Ian Kinsler, who cost the Red Sox the game by missing 1st base with his throw in the 13th. But the biggest questions that I have are about the pitching. Why did Nathan Eovaldi pitch 6 innings? I understand the desire to win the game at hand over the next one, so I have no problem with him pitching, but there was no plan for him to come out. While he was pitching phenomenally, he has also pitched in every game so far in the World Series, so he could not have pitched much more than he did. I am aware that Drew Pomeranz is not a good pitcher, but I would have rather seen him pitch one inning instead of Eovaldi going all night. By pitching Eovaldi, Cora was playing to win game 3, and effectively threw away game 4.

Eovaldi was scheduled to pitch tonight, but he will need to rest at least until game 6 now, so who pitches tonight? What if they get into a jam? We don’t have a bullpen because everyone pitched last night.

When the Red Sox finally lost, my first thought was about tonight: who would pitch? We will need a makeshift lineup to perform at the highest level possible, and I just don’t see that happening considering that our bullpen is incredibly inconsistent. With the loss last night, I couldn’t help but feel that we lost 2 games (which we kind of did as it was twice the length of a regular game) as we will have no chance tonight.


I have not been a very optimistic fan this year, and I did not expect to see the Red Sox in the World Series, so it is more than possible that I will be wrong about tonight’s game. If you disagree with me or would like to respond, DM @tigerinsidersports on Instagram, or send us an email at thetigerinsider@gmail.com


picture from ESPN

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