Electric Guest: You Should Listen to Your Hipster Friend’s Favorite Band

The first time I heard Electric Guest’s music was in person. They opened for a Portugal. The Man concert that I attended a few years ago. The LA based duo enticed me to look into them the day after the show, and what I found introduced me to a band that I still listen to daily.

On the surface, Electric Guest is peak hipster music. Their tracks offer groovy beats, artistic lyrics, and a chill atmosphere. Even their album covers, which boast nonsensical effortlessly cool imagery, scream for an art-student audience. They’re quintessential “alternative” considering their combination of funky and technological sounds put them in the “genre-less” box (a box for those who are boxless).

Regardless of how you feel about the brand Electric Guest represents, you should still listen to them because outside of all the funky visuals and alternative-ness, their music is good, really good. Their song “Waves” makes it literally impossible to be in a bad mood. They are so good that I was able to get my hip-hop obsessed friend obsessed with their song “Troubleman” (a 7 minute long, guitar based, poem about growing old and fading love). “Oh Devil” is another one of their songs, and it broke into the mainstream late last year because of its incredibly danceable and satisfying groove. Another song I love by them is “Under the Gun” which is less upbeat from it’s counterparts, but oh, so smooth and funky.


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