Highlight of the Week 10.30.18

With the World Series over, and the Red Sox crowned champions, Boston sports fans are onto the next season to follow, whether it be the Patriots, the Celtics, the Bruins, or most likely all three. Here in Boston we are treated year after year to a title contending team in at least one sport. We live in the city on the greatest sports run of all time during the “decade of dominance.”

We are lucky to be living in the city of a team in its golden generation. The Patriots have been Super Bowl contenders for my entire life, but I know that wasn’t always the case. However, for as long as I can remember, the Patriots have won the AFC East every year. People outside of New England find every reason to hate us. Whether it be spygate in 2007, Deflategate in 2015, or simply because we win, the Patriots are the most hated team in the NFL. Everyone loves to hate us because we have the best quarterback of all time, one of the best coaches of all time, and one of the best owners of all time. Before the first Super Bowl, back in 2001, the Patriots were not a very good team. However, since 2000, they have been nothing short of dominant.

Next is the Celtics. We may not be living in the Bill Russell era, but we have been treated to a playoff series in all but four years since 2000. Despite only one championship, in the 2007-2008 season, the Celtics have been serious contenders to win the finals for the better part of the last 18 years. Winning one championship in this span can be considered a disappointment for the team with the most NBA championships, but we are in a great position not only for this year, but for the foreseeable future to remain perennial contenders.

The Bruins share a similar success rate to the Celtics, missing the playoffs on only five occasions since the turn of the century, and hoisting the Stanley Cup once. While the Bruins are not in the promising position for the near future, there are still plenty of reasons to get excited about this team. Playing in the weaker Atlantic Conference, the Bruins are at an advantage, as it is by far the easier conference. Recently, this conference has been anyone’s to win, and the Bruins are as good as any team in the conference, if not better. This allows them a relatively easy road to the playoffs, at which point anything can happen.

The newest champions in Boston are the Red Sox. After demolishing the Yankees, Astros, then the Dodgers, the Red Sox dominated the league from day one. Posting the most wins in franchise history, having the likely MVP, and five Gold Glove nominees, the Red Sox are coming off the second most memorable season in franchise history, behind the 2004 team. With a young group core, a new manager, and stars that are in no hurry to leave, the Red Sox could be set up for even more success in the near future, as they look to build on their command over the rest of the MLB since the turn of the century.

When teams win a championship, it is something we should celebrate. Whether we win something every year, or are breaking a trophy drought, every title should be cherished and remembered. Due to the recent success, we have had the luxury of these seasons blending together into bliss. We are fortunate to live in a city where titles come so frequently, and where the phrase “Cue the duckboats” can be used on almost a yearly basis.


Photo Credit: Boston Globe

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