Who Is Dominic Fike?

In August, Columbia Records paid over 4 million dollars for a previously unknown artist named Dominic Fike. Since then, he has dropped his first set of music. His first EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos barely reaches a fifteen minute run time, but every second is packed with something special.


The first track, “Three Nights” is the poppiest of the six tracks. With a intoxicating bass line reminiscent of Portugal. The Man’s “Feel It Still, this track is the most likely to go viral. In fact, I have personally already watched a few of my friends get wrapped up in the song upon my recommendation.

The next song dives into the slower mood that the rest of the EP seems to follow. “She Wants My Money” is my favorite song out of the six. It is slower, but Dominic’s haunting vocals over the slow laid back guitar create an ambient, care-free, euphoric atmosphere.


In “Babydoll,” a short sample of Fike’s guitar skills coupled with vocals that take on a more-rap like style.


The next song, “Westcoast Collective,” is only a tad bit longer than the song before. It takes a more rock-based approach than the rest of the album. His voice travels through a range of styles and he proves his vocal and emotional range.

Second to last, Fike offers up his lightest song: “Socks. This song grapples with the concept of being famous and the effect it can have on our relationships.


The final song swerves off the track followed by rest of the EP. The introduction to this song lasts just over a minute, and it is played backwards. From there, we get a slow jam featuring slow rock-esque guitar playing and more impressive vocals.

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