Young Thug is a Genius

Today we’re taking a detour. There’s construction on the highway to Talivision so we’re gonna have to get there some other way. Let’s turn off TV drive, and go down trap music avenue. Today’s topic, Young Thug. That’s right. You’ve all been waiting for it. What does Tali, white, suburban boy, have to say about Young Thug, you asked yourself. You can stop asking. I’m going to tell you.

Let’s start off like this. Young Thug is the best trap artist, if not artist period, currently making music. Everything he does is listenable, as in I’m never going to complain if its on, to absolutely perfect. His style is so weird and out there that it’s hard not to become completely enthralled by him. In a world that is completely over saturated by clones of clones of clones, Thugger is a complete original. It would be simple to call him another “mumble rapper,” but that so diminishes what he’s doing. To mumble, one must actually be talking, but Young Thug isn’t talking. He’s just making sounds, and in many ways, he cuts to the core of an emotion in a way that makes the listener feel it so much more than eight bars that try to get at the same thing. Plus he’s got bangers. “Wyclef Jean,” “Swizz Beatz,” and “Pick Up the Phone” to start, and those are just the first three songs on my Jeffery playlist which, PS, is the best rap album of the last five years. Everything Young Thug touches is gold, but my favorite song of his is probably “Climax” off of On the Rvn. That sample just works so well with his voice. He’s also just so much fun to sing along to. Not knowing what he’s saying leads to some very interesting lyrical interpretations.

The other reason Young Thug is the best artist in the game right now is that he’s a real star. Let’s see, he wears dresses all the time, just look at the cover of Jeffery. More than that, he wears all sorts women’s clothing, almost exclusively in fact, including his footwear of choice being Uggs. He barely eats and gets injections from a doctor for all his vitals nutrients. According to the articles I read, he never makes eye contact with anyone and seems to act as if he’s alone at all times. He’s a legitimate space alien, and it is truly amazing.

So that’s my take for the day. Disagree with anything? Have a weird Young Thug fact or a song recommendation? Maybe you have something extremely rude to say to me. Whatever it is, email us at

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