Student Musicians let loose at Battle of the Bands

By Hannah Liu

North students enjoyed original music and covers performed by fellow students in a casual venue, formerly the school cafeteria, tonight.

The Class of 2019 Student Council held the 2nd annual Battle of the Bands (BoB) on March 1 in the cafeteria. The band Just a Phase, comprised of Seniors Gyaan Anita, Aidan Devine, Jonathan Plummer, and freshman Will Goldsmith, won first place with 153 tickets. Attendees were given 5 tickets upon entry and could purchase additional tickets to vote for their favorite band.

The BoB was the first full band gig for the two other bands, Arizona Moon, which includes seniors Arianna Azadzoi, Nora Lyons, Rachel Shereda, and junior Erika Bock and Ghost Tracks, which includes seniors Amar Ahmed, Alex Berger, Aiden Dutton, whose stepfather is musician G. Love of the Band G. Love & Special Sauce. Just a Phase which won the battle at the first annual Battle of the Bands with members seniors Dylan Evans, Jacob Moustafa, Plummer and Goldsmith also performed their first gig at the BoB.

“It’s really cool when the audience you’re playing to is your age, and they know all the words to the song,” said Plummer on why he enjoys performing at BoB. Goldsmith added, “A lot of the people who are coming tonight are pretty familiar with our songs which is nice because they can sing along.”

“None of us are interested in the winning aspect. We’re just trying to have some fun,” said Dutton. Ghost Tracks played all original music including a yet to be named song that mentions goats, “Autumn,” “CVS,” and “J.P.Licks.” These songs will also be featured on their album “Please Listen while Biking” which will be released at an undetermined date. The band started this past September and has become a “mostly indie pop, some hip hop and some punk rock” type of band, according to Dutton.

Arizona Moon also tends toward indie music with some rock alternative, according to Azadzoi. She was inspired by the girl band Girl in Red to start a band with Lyons. “I get inspired by old music because you can feel the passion in that type of music, and other indie bands because they came from not a lot, and they’re doing it, so why can’t we?” said Lyons.

The bands performed to the intimate crowd with vigor. Whether Arizona Moon was covering “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac or Ghost Tracks was having the time of their lives singing about goats, there was the feeling that each band fully embraced the music they were performing.

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