Can the Patriots Do the Impossible Again?

Three straight Super Bowls. Three. Straight. Super Bowls. Oh, it feels good just writing that. What the Patriots are doing is so insane, so completely unprecedented, that it is hard to understand the magnitude. Nobody goes to three straight Super Bowls. Hell, nobody goes to two. The modern NFL is built to discourage that. Tight … Continue reading Can the Patriots Do the Impossible Again?

Should Politics Be Discussed in Class?

North’s history department faced a crisis this summer. Over the break, the conservative news source The Federalist released emails sent between North teachers that caused a national controversy. It was picked up by Fox News and spread all over the country, eventually resulting in members of our school’s faculty receiving death threats. The school has … Continue reading Should Politics Be Discussed in Class?

Anti-bullying Lessons don’t Work

Newton North High School is just one of the many schools around the country that engages in anti-bullying lessons throughout the year. Despite these lessons, bullying is still incredibly prominent among students at North. That is mostly because the lessons are not targeting the type of bullying that happens most often. As high schools students, … Continue reading Anti-bullying Lessons don’t Work